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TYRE GAUGE Easy to use! Measuring range 0 - 4 bar. Clamping head rotatable through 90 ° on a flexible stainless steel feed line. The valve shaft is therefore accessed easily and quickly. Very accurate measurements by way of a durable internal membrane. Internal pressure is reduced after use by a ..
2 600 ₽
Highly recommended! Protects the intake tract from water and dirt when cleaning the air filter box...
692 ₽
AXLE GAUGE The ideal tool for checking perfect wheel position when tensioning the chain...
2 820 ₽
BATTERY CHARGING AND TESTING UNIT A must for every workshop/garage. Test, charge and keep batteries fresh really easily. Fully automatic and protective battery charging thanks to a programmed charging curve. Clearly arranged LCD display shows the charging level. Reverse polarity, short-circuit an..
14 980 ₽
A must for every workshop/garage. Testing, charging and keeping batteries fresh made easy. Fully automatic and economical battery charging by means of programmed charge characteristic. Clear LC display shows charging level. Reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection...
9 359 ₽
BATTERY CHARGER Battery charger with test function. Plus: » Constant current charging » Constant voltage charging » trickle charging Includes cable for fixed installation on the battery and plug for connecting the battery quickly to the charger...
4 590 ₽
Оригинальная запчасть KTM: BOBBINS FOR REAR WHEEL STAND..
2 240 ₽
BRAKE LOCK Practical help when loading the bike or jacking it up with the rear wheel stand...
740 ₽
VENT HOSE Fuel-proof for tank and carburettor venting, approx. 3 m. Should only be used for venting purposes and not as a connection between tank and carburettor...
1 500 ₽
Оригинальная запчасть KTM: CARBON GLUE 25 ML..
1 730 ₽
CHAIN BREAKER 5/8 x 1/4..
5 100 ₽
EXHAUST PLUG Keeps water out of the silencer during cleaning. For internal diameters 37 mm - 62 mm...
502 ₽
EXHAUST PLUG Keeps water out of the silencer during cleaning. For internal diameters 37 mm - 62 mm. ..
450 ₽
Keeps water out of the silencer during cleaning..
461 ₽
Keeps water out of the silencer during cleaning..
461 ₽
FEELER GAUGES 0,05; 0,10; 0,15; 0,20; 0,25; 0,30; 0,35..
610 ₽
FEELER GAUGES 0,10; 0,12; 0,15; 0,20; 0,25..
530 ₽
Оригинальная запчасть Husqvarna: FORK SUPPORT..
1 264 ₽
FRONT WHEEL LIFTING DEVICE As 61029055500, but with additional location bolt 69329965020; designed especially for the RC8...
13 990 ₽
FRONT WHEEL STAND SMALL Including mounting adapter. May only be used if the rear wheel stand is already fitted!..
7 750 ₽
FRONT WHEEL LIFTING DEVICE May only be used if the rear wheel stand is already fitted! In combination with the rear wheel lifting gear, this front wheel lifting gear ensures optimum support for winter storage and for working. Please order the vehicle-specific support mandrel separately: ..
12 870 ₽
FUNNEL Funnel specially developed for KTM motorcycles. Diameter (small and large) optimised to suit the filler neck; special groove for optimum ventilation...
780 ₽
GRIP GLUE 20G A firm hold for your grips...
730 ₽
HIGH SECURITY U-LOCK High quality U-lock made from hardened steel with a double locking mechanism. Locking cylinder with optimum protection against any attempts at manipulation. 250,000 key versions. 2 keys supplied as standard. Includes rotating PVC cover that protects the cylinder lock from dir..
10 300 ₽
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